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As a SIKA authorised distributor and application partner, we cater to SIKA Waterproofing and construction solutions with our scope extending further with a complete range of architectural hardware, door controls, sliding and folding systems and other door solutions.

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SIKA Authorised Distributor and Application Partner

Founded in Switzerland in 1910 by Kaspar Winkler, SIKA today is a global leader in specialty chemicals. Since its first invention of Sika-1, a waterproofing admixture for mortar, Sika has become a pioneer in the development and production of systems and products for bonding, sealing, waterproofing, reinforcing and protecting of crucial structural elements in construction. With an impressive array, SIKA product products and solutions cater to the requirements of Residential and Commercial Building, Mining, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing and Infrastructure projects around the world.

ORTUS Plus is proud to be an authorised distributor and an application partner for SIKA Waterproofing Solutions, Flooring Solutions and SIKA Sealants & Bonding Soutions. 


Ensuring safety and security with functional & compliant hardware and Door controls is an important component of every successful project. ARRO, our own product development, offers a great proposition of value, quality and functionality with certified products and solutions. Our partners, ECO- SCHULTE, CENTOR, and SIMONSWERK optimise the depth of our offering with a comprehensive range of Architectural hardware including Door hardware, Door controls, Sliding systems, specialised Door seals and accessories that conform to the highest quality parameters, safety and compliance. Every project carries a unique set of requirements and design intents and with the capacity for project-specific sourcing of products and solutions, we enjoy a distinct advantage of a premium product portfolio that can not only cater to EN BS and DIN requirements in projects but also to projects with UL compliance requirements where required. 

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Inspired by Global giants in the Architectural Hardware space and a team with technical know-how as well as experience in global markets, we embarked on a journey with our sourcing partner TETLER in Melbourne, Australia to develop a range of products with specifications and design that can cater to most project requirements around the world. The result is ARRO, a range of certified Architectural hardware tested and certified, where applicable, to confirm higher quality, performance and durability. The current ARRO range is dynamic and evolving with a collection of Architectural Hardware, Door Controls, and Sliding Solutions that cater to most requirements in Commercial and Residential projects.


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Founded in the year 1951 in Brisbane, Australia by German Engineer Frank Spork, CENTOR is at the forefront of designing and manufacturing Sliding and Sliding & Folding systems and hardware. With a complete portfolio of solutions including Sliding and Sliding-Folding solutions, Centor products are admired and specified by architects and designers around the world. 

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Founded in 1926 in Menden, Germany, ECO-SCHULTE specializes in System technology for doors. The ECO range offers premium Door Controls, Hinge Systems, Fittings Systems and, Panic access and locking solutions, an innovative range of intelligent system products that enhance the safety, security and functionality around openings.

Dnd Lever Handles

Dnd was founded by Fmn Martinelli in 1968 in Valle Sabbia in Italy. Globally respected as a point of reference for the design and manufacture of  handles and accessories, Dnd brings about a balanced fusion of the old and the new with beautiful masterpieces created with centuries of traditional know-how and today’s cutting-edge innovation

Tectus 3D Hinges

Since its launch in 2002 by SIMONSWERK, the TECTUS range has developed into an efficient, high-performance hinge system due to progressive development over the years. Completely concealed once installed, TECTUS hinges function at their peak through highly demanding conditions and are perfect for any interior door applications.