ORTUS Plus introduces TECTUS Fully-Concealed Hinge system

ORTUS Plus and TECTUS in Sri Lanka
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In association with SIMONSWERK, we proudly introduce the TECTUS range of fully-concealed hinge systems in Sri Lanka. Hailing from the East-Westphalia region of Germany, SIMONSWERK is at the forefront of the design and manufacture of premium hinge systems and associated hardware for timber, metal and glass doors.

Introduced in 2002, the TECTUS range of fully-concealed hinges allow non-rebated doors to be installed completely flush with the frame to provide seamless integration of the surroundings and the door. Completely disappearing within the frame and the door, this fully-concealed application removes any visible hardware components such as hinge knuckles, butts and spacers when the door is closed. Allowing an opening angle of 180′ and perfect for use with timber, metal and glass doors, the TECTUS range covers load capacities from 60 Kg up to 300 kg. Three-dimensional adjustment and maintenance-free slide bearing technology make them ideal for high-quality interior doors and functional heavy-duty doors.

TESCTUS Hinges in application

TECTUS Concealed hinges find their place around almost any opening which calls for strong performance, maximum functionality and minimal maintenance. With a wide range that caters to multiple door widths and weights, these hinges can be used on entrance doors, heavy-duty commercial doors and almost any other opening that require clean lines and unobtrusive design. 

Special applications such as TECTS Energy Hinges provide a concealed means of power transfer from the frame to the door for use with access control and other power requirements while the FR range is tested and is suitable for use on fire-rated doors. 

With all of the above, some of our most favourite applications are the use of TECTUS hinges on bi-folding and sliding-folding doors, working with the A8 range which allows up to 8 mm of surface cladding on the door and the frame and applications of TECTUS Glass Hinges for minimal design and clear lines with glass doors. 

We cordially welcome SIMONSWERK and TECTUS  into our product portfolio and look forward to exploring further innovative products and solutions from the SIMONSWERK range.  

ORTUS Plus introduces TECTUS Fully-Concealed Hinge system 1