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May it be a workspace, place of education, a place of worship, a restaurant or a healthcare facility, good acoustic design and comfortable Ergonomics are significant contributor to a pleasant experience within a space. Though severely misunderstood, good acoustic enhancement is not always making a space quieter but creating a balance of the intended function of a space and maintaining comfortable levels of acoustics. Due to the complexity of the field of study and expertise involved, acoustic design and enhancements may be referred to as secondary however, the significance of balance sound in a space plays an immense role in the wellbeing, productivity and general mindfulness of anyone occupying the space. 

The thought process behind Neofelt is always to assist in simplifying acoustic design and make such simple solutions accessible and affordable. Neofelt products and solutions bring together accessible acoustic enhancements to create functional spaces without compromising on quality, aesthetics and sustainability.   

Better for Human use

Neofelt products are manufactured from refined polyester fibers compressed into semi-rigid sheets or molded in to intended shaped and designs hence do not contain any additives, chemical binders and Formaldehyde. Regular advancements in manufacturing processes and early adoption of global compliance criteria for Indoor air quality and emissions by our manufacturing partners ensure world-class products fit for human purpose. 

Sustainably manufactured

Neofelt products and solutions are sustainably manufactured at facilities adhering to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited quality and environmental management systems . Manufactured from 100 % polyester fibers, a minimum of 70% of fiber requirement of Neofelt is obtained as recycled polyester fiber from recycled plastic (PET) bottles. Upon their intended lifecycle, uncontaminated Neofelt products can be completely recycled thus closing the chain in the Circular Economy (CE) and provide a continuous product lifecycle. 


Neofelt Solid Acoustic Panels

Neofelt Solid Acoustic Panels

Neofelt™ Solid acoustic panels are an effective yet affordable way to achieve acoustic enhancements to reduce reverberation in commercial spaces. Ideal for office spaces, education, medical and hospitality premises, Neofelt Solid Acoustic range is made from 100% polyester fibre and contains a minimum of 70% post-consumer recycled material.


Neofelt Wooden Acoustic Slats

Neofelt Wooden Slat

Neofelt™ Wooden Acoustic slats are a great solution for any space that requires reduced reverberation. With four premium timber veneer finishes, Neofelt wooden slats can be mounted on walls as well as ceilings with minimal tools to effectively reduce reverberation and significantly enhances speech legibility.


Neofelt Grooved Acoustic Panels

Neofelt Grooved acoustic panels

Neofelt™ Grooved acoustic panels feature six primary designs  on 12 mm Neofelt board. Made with precision mechanical grooving, Grooved panels come in standard sizes of 2400 mm x 1200 mm and can be used as individual panels on their own or as design constellations in multiple combinations to achieve unique designs. 


Neofelt Acoustic Clouds

Neofelt Acoustic Clouds

Easy to design and install, Neofelt™ acoustic clouds present a cost-effective solution for both existing spaces as well as new. Available in a standard thickness of 12 mm and an array of colours to chose from, Neofelt™ acoustic clouds not only enhance the acoustic environment but also adds a touch of prominence and colour to any space.

Neofelt Acoustic Baffles

Neofelt_Moth Baffle

Available as made-to-order in all colours as 12 mm solid acoustic panels, Neofelt™ modular acoustic baffles are available in three standard shapes and sizes. The interwoven configuration exposes both sides of the acoustic blade, substantially increases the surface area for sound absorption. 


Neofelt Acoustic Desk Systems

Neofelt Desk Acoustics

Neofelt™ desk mounted screens are an effective means of enhancing acoustics as well as privacy, safety and aesthetics of both commercial and residential spaces alike. Available in a range of vibrant colours, Neofelt™ desk solutions are a great way to upgrade any modern space without compromising on acoustics.