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ARRO is a range of Architectural products developed by our partner, TETLER, in Melbourne, Australia. With inspiration from some of the best known global brands within the architectural Hardware space, the Arro range has been selectively developed to offer a great proposition of value, quality and functionality with certified products and solutions sourced through manufacturing partners to cater to regions such as South Asia, Australia. the Middle East and the African Continent. 

The current ARRO range is dynamic and evolving with a collection of Architectural Hardware, Door Controls, and Sliding Solutions that cater to most requirements in Commercial and Residential projects. Arro products are manufactured by global partners with decades of design & manufacturing experience. Tested and certified to confirm higher quality, performance and durability, where applicable, our products undergo cycle testing, tests to confirm performance with Fire resistant doors and tests to ensure corrosion resistance. ARRO’s assurance and commitment to quality and performance is a key component of our strategy and all our global relationships.


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Arro range of Hinges include EN1154 Grade 13 certified and Fire rated Ball bearing Butt hinges, Plain Joint hinges and Flush Fast-fix hinges of both Stainless Steel Grade 304 and Grade 316 for project orders. May it be a 40 Kilo door of the bedroom or a 120 Kilo Solid timber entrance door, you will always find a hinge that’s suitable and that will do the job for years to come in the Arro range. For project requirements, UL Listed hinges are available. 

Arro Lever Handles

Arro Lever collection consists of tubular and solid Lever handles in Stainless Steel Grade 304 as standard and Grade 316 for project requirements. All our Levers present a robust spring loaded rose, avoiding additional tension on the mortise lock mechanism. Arro Levers are a great value proposition for any door that requires reliable performance at a cost that wouldn’t upset your project Budget.

Arro Pull handles

Arro contemporary range of Pull Handles are manufactured from Stainless Steel Grade 304, 316 and Brass. Available in various designs, sizes and finishes, this range is suitable for timber, glass and metal doors. Arro pull handles, though more conservative in range and design, caters to most commercial and residential requirements giving architects and designers  ample design freedom and functionality.

Arro Locks

Arro Range of locking, safety and security solutions include mortise locks, Tubular and Cylindrical Knob locks, Panic Exit devices and Digital Smart locks.  Arro Commercial range of mortise locks are Certified in accordance with BS EN 12209 and Fire rated as per EN1634 while Panic Exit devices are ANSI Grade 1 with UL 10C certification. 

Arro key Cylinders

Arro Euro Profile range of Cylinders include double cylinders, thumb turn cylinders, single cylinders and privacy cylinders with the capacity to cater to all requirement from basic stand-alone keyed-to defer Key Systems to more complex multi-level master key programs. Master Key Systems are an essential requirement in commercial projects and provide operational flexibility and ease. 

Arro Hardware accessories

Arro accessories include all components that complete a schedule for a door set, such as door stoppers, surface mounted and flush bolts, flush handles and other door furniture. Specialised hardware accessories such as Disabled thumb turns, Door sequence Selectors and security bolts further add functionality and usability to the overall application. Our accessories are available in Stainless Steel Satin (SSS), Brushed (BSS) and Black (BLK) finishes.

Arro Shower Hardware

Arro shower hardware range boasts simplicity with great performance. Manufactured from Stainless Steel and Brass, our current range can cater to demanding commercial environments such as Hotels and Resorts as well as residential requirements. While the stock range includes a fitting design that’s most specified and widely accepted by Architects and interior designers alike, our portfolio is dynamic enough to cater to project specific requirements with other fitting designs as well.


The current range of products and all future product developments with Arro adhere to the primary philosophy, that is “to keep it simple” certainly believing that a major share of global project requirements falls within a typical range of products where similar designs, applications and specifications are repeatedly used. This creates the possibility of a volume-based strategy driving sourcing and logistics costs down which makes our primary objective possible, that is to provide products and solutions with superior quality and performance with the best price-to-value ratio.