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CENTOR – Continuing to push the boundaries of the window and door industry

Founded in the year 1951 in Brisbane, Australia by German Engineer Frank Spork, CENTOR is at the forefront of designing and manufacturing Sliding and Sliding & Folding systems and hardware. With a complete portfolio of solutions including Sliding and Sliding-Folding solutions, Centor products are admired and specified by architects and designers around the world. 

Under the stewardship of Erwin Spork, Frank’s son, the family business flourished, and today, it is proudly overseen by Frank’s grandson, Nigel Spork, who holds the position of Managing Director. With each passing decade, Centor cemented its reputation as a pioneer in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge window and door systems.

In 1998, Centor achieved a groundbreaking milestone by developing and patenting hardware for modern folding doors, opening up endless possibilities for their use as exterior openings. This groundbreaking innovation allowed architects to design homes that seamlessly connected people to the outside world. Initially introduced in Australia, Centor’s folding door technology quickly gained international acclaim, captivating architects in the UK, Europe, and North America. Today, Centor proudly stands as the leading supplier of components for folding doors in these regions.

Building on the success of their folding door technology, Centor once again shattered expectations by introducing the world’s first retractable insect screen specifically designed for large door openings. This ingenious invention made it possible to enjoy fresh air and keep insects at bay with just a simple touch of a fingertip.

In 2010, Centor embarked on a transformative journey into Design Led Innovation, strategically revolutionizing their business practices. Within a mere six months, the company dedicated significant resources to design and deliver their groundbreaking Integrated Door—an award-winning patio door featuring concealed hardware, as well as built-in insect screens and blinds. This remarkable achievement showcased Centor’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering unparalleled innovation.

As Centor continues to shape the future of windows and doors, their remarkable legacy of visionary engineering, exceptional performance, and transformative designs remains at the forefront of the industry. With each new creation, Centor invites you to experience a world where functionality and elegance harmoniously coexist, empowering architects, homeowners, and design enthusiasts alike to realize their wildest dreams of indoor-outdoor living.


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