Established in 1963, GEZE GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of systems for doors, windows and safety technology. GEZE offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions including automatic door systems, door controls, glass systems, smoke & heat extraction systems and architectural hardware. As one of the industry’s innovation and design leaders, the independently managed family-owned company has decisively influenced facility engineering and building technology with pioneering developments in safety, functionality and security. 

 The highest quality standards mean that GEZE products contribute towards some of the most innovative building concepts in the world and ensure convenience and security in buildings where they are used. These products and solutions can be found in renowned buildings globally with GEZE Door closers and automatic door systems being some of the best known in world.


GEZE Door Controls

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GEZE Door control solutions such as overhead door closers, concealed door closers and floor springs safely open and close millions of doors in the world daily. Innovative design and German technology make these solutions safe and reliable for use in very demanding conditions.

GEZE Automatic Doors

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Automatic door systems by GEZE flare true technical advancements in functionality and aesthetics. Tested for compliance with stringent safety and quality standards, GEZE Automatic door systems deliver unsurpassed performance with the ability to connect external systems for building management and fire safety ease. 

GEZE Sliding Systems

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GEZE manual sliding systems cater to Glass, timber and metal door systems and cover door weights from 40 Kg up to 600 Kg. Well respected for their reliability and smooth operation, the right GEZE Sliding solution can be used for both internal and external sliding applications. 

GEZE Door Hardware

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GEZE range of architectural door hardware include mortise locks, profile cylinders, master key systems, lever handles & pull handles and all other door accessories for a complete project offering. Where required, these products are tested to and comply with necessary EN and DIN standards.  

GEZE Window Systems

GEZE Window Systems

GEZE window systems provide complete solutions for ventilation and passive heat and smoke extraction. With the option to be used independently or configured as complex systems integrating into your building management and fire security system, these solutions not only encourage wellbeing but also save lives in the event of an emergency.     

GEZE Operable Walls

GEZE Operable Walls

GEZE operable wall solutions are perfect for areas that require physical separation. When in place, they act as secure partitions but when opened, pack away into discrete parking areas to provide a full clear opening. Currently, GEZE caters to project-specific glass and acoustic operable walls requirements.