Ironmongery Scheduling


Every opening is unique and caters to various functions and applications. While aesthetics play a pivotal part in interior design, the selection of appropriate ironmongery and door controls go beyond aesthetics to ensure fit-for-purpose, barrier-free access, usability, safety and security. A well-formulated ironmongery schedule not only addresses all the technical requirements of each component but also ensures regulatory compliance as per current standards and guidelines. 

What's an Ironmongery Schedule ?

Ironmongery Scheduling starts early in a project’s life cycle. We start our work during the design stage of projects, once floor plans are finalised and door & window schedules partially complete. The process involved studying each opening, its intended function, usability and special requirements followed by carefully listing a list of products to best achieve them. At the end of the scheduling process, each opening will have a list of products, a Bill of quantity and a master Bill of quantity for each area or project.

Value Engineering for best of both worlds

A key advantage of the Ironmongery Scheduling process is the extended scope for value engineering. The scheduling process maps each application and its intended function hence if a specific door category or the use of a particular hardware component impacts the total cost, alternative solutions or products can be adopted without compromising the function, fit-for-purpose, safety, security and the design intent of the application. In most instances, an alternative product assortment can manage the cost increment and with our extensive sourcing network, our customers also have the option of project-specific sourcing to ensure the hardware component of the project remains within the expected budget.

Need an Ironmongery Schedule for your next project ?

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