Neofelt Acoustic Baffles

Neofelt Baffles

Manufactured from 12 mm precision-cut blades, Neofelt™ modular acoustic baffles form the epitome of acoustic art. Superbly aesthetic and acoustically functional, modular baffles are the ideal solution for smaller, distinguished spaces such as meeting rooms, board rooms and any other space that requires higher sound comfort. Neofelt™ modular acoustic baffles are easily assembled and supplied with suspension accessories for uncomplicated installation.

Available as made-to-order in all colours as 12 mm solid acoustic panels, Neofelt™ modular acoustic baffles are presented in three standard shapes and sizes. The interwoven configuration exposes both sides of the acoustic blade, substantially increases the surface area for sound absorption. Further reflections within parallel blades ensure maximised sound absorption resulting in much reduces reverberation within the space.

Standard Shapes

Standard Colour Range