Neofelt Acoustic Clouds

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Physically defining acoustically sensitive areas in large spaces by using partitions and barriers result in an aesthetic nightmare well as restrict the open flow of a space. Yet, spaces such as meeting areas still need acoustic clarity, better reverberation and speech legibility. Neofelt™ acoustic clouds are a great solution for spaces that require such acoustic isolation.

Easy to design, install and configure, Neofelt™ acoustic clouds present a cost-effective solution for both existing spaces as well as new. Available in a standard thickness of 12 mm and an array of colours to chose from, Neofelt™ acoustic clouds not only enhance the acoustic environment but also adds a touch of prominence and colour to any space.

Manufactured from Neofelt™ 12 mm Solid acoustic panels to a finished thickness of 12 mm or 24 mm, Neofelt™ acoustic clouds are available in standard sizes of rectangular and circular configuration. In addition to standard sizes, one can produce their own sizes and designs by appropriately cutting and producing required shapes using Neofelt™ solid acoustic panels. Suspension of cloud elements can be done using cable systems supplied together with cloud elements.

    Standard Sizes

    2400 mm X 1200 mm X 12 (24) mm 

    1200 mm X 1200 mm X 12 (24) mm

    2400 mm X 600 mm X 12 (24) mm

    1200 mm X 600 mm X 12 (24) mm

    Ø 1200 mm x 12 mm (24) mm

    Ø 838 mm x 12 (24) mm

    Ø 600 mm x 12 (24) mm

    Colours range

    * Extended lead times and minimum order quantities may apply  for some designs and colours.