Neofelt Grooved acoustic panels

Neofelt Grooved_HR

Neofelt Grooved acoustic panels feature six primary designs  on 12 mm Neofelt board. Made with precision mechanical grooving, Grooved panels come in standard sizes of 2400 mm x 1200 mm and can be used as individual panels on their own or as design constellations in multiple combinations to achieve unique designs. These panels can also be used as tiles, cut into smaller sizes to create multi-directional designs.  Perfect for both wall and ceiling applications, Grooved panels feature similar acoustic properties as Neofelt Solid Acoustic panels. 

Neofelt Grooved acoustic range is manufactured from 100% polyester fibre and contains a minimum of 70% post-consumer recycled material. This process involves compressing refined polyester fibres into semi-rigid sheets and mechanical precision surface carving to create the intended designs hence do not contain any harmful additives, chemical binders and Formaldehyde. Upon their intended life cycle, uncontaminated Neofelt products can be completely recycled and reused.  

standard Designs

Neofelt Groove Verti
Neofelt Groove Hexa
Neofelt Groove Overlap
Neofelt Groove Cube
Neofelt Groove Slant
Neofelt Groove Square

Colours & standard range

* Extended lead times and minimum order quantities may apply  for some designs and colours. 


Grooved Panel Specs


  • Wall Panelling for direct installation using adhesives or installation with an air cavity for enhanced acoustic performance.
  • Can be used as tiles, cut to specific shapes and sizes or as a full panel.
  • Ceiling Panelling as direct installation using adhesives, installation with a top air cavity with suspension and use as square or rectangular tiles in grid ceiling systems.
  • Perfect for use as ceiling clouds for areas requiring acoustic isolation. 
  • Use as suspended partitions to separate achieve physical separation of areas.
  • Use as acoustic screens on desks and workstations.