Neofelt wooden Acoustic slats

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Used in premium interior design for decades, natural timber finishes always bring a share of warmth to space and its occupants. Capturing the natural beauty of timber backed by functional acoustic of Neofelt PET felt panels, Neofelt wooden acoustic slats provide the best of both worlds without compromising on acoustics or aesthetics. 

Neofelt Wooden Acoustic slats are a great solution for any space that requires reduced reverberation. With four premium timber veneer finishes, Neofelt wooden slats can be mounted on walls as well as ceilings with minimal tools to effectively reduce reverberation and significantly enhances speech legibility.

Ease of installation on walls and ceilings

Neofelt Wooden Acoustic slats are a combination of a PET polyester base and black MDF slats with a premium timber veneer surface finish. Each panel is 2400 mm x 600 mm with a height of 22 mm from the base. 

Panels can be used as a surface treatment on walls and ceiling, fixed on timber battens to create an air gap by using black screws in between groves or installed directly using hot melt glue, adhesive sprays or a nail gun. Leaving a gap at the top and bottom of the panel to create a shadow line effect provides optimum results functionally and aesthetically.

Sustainable and better for the environment

All Neofelt products and solutions are sustainably manufactured at facilities adhering to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited quality and environmental management systems. The base layer of Neofelt Wooden acoustic panels is manufactured from polyester fibres, with a major share of the fibre requirement is obtained from post-consumer sources and from recycled plastic (PET) bottles. Like most Neofelt products and solutions, Wooden acoustic slats contain minimal or zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Formaldehyde derivatives.

Colours & standard range



Lamellae are of black MDF with wood veneer surface, mounted on Neofelt PET acoustic base. 


Wood veneer surface on 12 mm Black MDF slats mounted on 9 mm acoustic panel (approx. +/- 10 %)


2400 mm x 600 mm Lamellae are 12mm deep and 27 mm wide with 13 mm gaps in between.

Fire compliance:

EN 13501-1 2007+A1: 2009 Class B


EN ISO 354: 2003 and EN ISO 11654:1997 Up to NRC 0.8 

(Recommend 3 mm MLV insulation behind the panel for extended acoustic performance)


BS EN 717-1: 2004 (E0)