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ORTUS Plus partners with SIKA in Sri Lanka

We are pleased to announce our partnership with SIKA Lanka, the Sri Lankan subsidiary of the SIKA Group. SIKA is a global specialist in developing and manufacturing products and solutions for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting of construction elements and automotive components. A brand synonymous with quality and dependable performance, SIKA has been very

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TECTUS Hinges - Invisible yet beautiful


THE TECTUS RANGE : INVISIBLE YET BEAUTIFUL Since 1989, SIMONSWERK has pioneered the design and manufacture of hinges and hinge systems. A trusted brand and a true tribute to superior German Engineering and design, today, SIMONSWERK operates in 35 countries and supplies to more than 70 international markets. A game-changer in concealed hinge systems,

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Specifying hardware for Fire Doors

Fire Doors I Best practices in specifying Ironmongery

Simply said, Fire Doors save lives and property. While the material of the door, rating and application may dominate the effectiveness of a Fire door in the event of a fire, door controls and Ironmongery used with the fire door fortifies its integrity and compliance. When specifying hardware for fire

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ECO Door Closers

DOOR CONTROLS I Types of Door Controls

With all other ironmongery, selecting fit-or-purpose door controls is important to ensure the intended application, safety, and usability of doors. Among many different types of door closing devices, selecting the appropriate solution at times is a challenge but a basic understanding of different applications and their limitations can make the

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ORTUS Plus and TECTUS in Sri Lanka

ORTUS Plus introduces TECTUS Fully-Concealed Hinge system

In association with SIMONSWERK, we proudly introduce the TECTUS range of fully-concealed hinge systems in Sri Lanka. Hailing from the East-Westphalia region of Germany, SIMONSWERK is at the forefront of the design and manufacture of premium hinge systems and associated hardware for timber, metal and glass doors. Introduced in 2002, the TECTUS range of fully-concealed

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Enhancing acoustics in open plan design

Enhancing acoustics in open-plan office design

Thought to have been initially adopted in designs around 1960, open-plan office designs have significantly matured in the last couple of decades to almost completely overhaul closed offices. Multiple studies conducted post-1980 conclude that open-plan designs are not only great for better communication among staff but also improve a sense

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